Australian Women’s Day (AWD) exists to rise all women and girls.

It's a day of conversation, connection, and cultural celebration.

The purpose of AWD is to convene an annual day which:

  • brings Australian women together to support and celebrate each other and
    come back into community with one another
  • ignites a conversation around our cultural identity
  • acknowledges the wisdom that’s here on our shores, amongst the women of
    Australia, and
  • provides a framework for collectively envisaging the future, both for ourselves
    and for our children.

The pillars of the day

There are four pillars of the day: sharing women’s stories, live events, giving back, and reporting on the state of Australian women.

Philanthropic goal

Our philanthropic goal for 2019 is to raise $15,000 for the Women's Grant to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women.

Values of Australian Women’s Day

The core values of AWD are inclusivity, diversity, community, and collaboration.

AWD is brought to you by the AWD Trust

The AWD Trust decides the annual theme of the day, ensures cultural diversity in the management and operation of the day, and oversees the distribution of 100% of the monies collected on the day.

Want to know more about Australian Women's Day? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page here.