Get involved

It’s finally arrived! Our first ever national day for women and girls in Australia.

We are making history today. All of us. We’re starting a movement in this country. A joyful move toward greater recognition and appreciation of the incredible contribution we make to our nation.

There are so many ways for you to celebrate today. First up, would you change up your facebook banner and pop this image on for the day? We want to let as many women and girls as possible know that this is their day.

Secondly, be sure to pop over to the Australian Women’s Day facebook page and tune into some of the live feeds that are happening there between 10am and 6pm. The co-founders will be starting things off at 10am we have an amazing lineup of women to connect with all day long.

Some of the highlights include intention setting at 12pm, para-olympian Elle Steele sharing her story at 1.30pm, a wonderful cross-cultural panel discussion at 3pm, at 4.15pm we’ve Nikki Viveka, transgender comedian and actress performing a stand up combo of story and song, and at 5pm there’ll be a special meditation for you to get involved in.

So jump on when you can, scroll through the feed and tune in. Also, be sure to tap into the wisdom and experiences shared on these pages throughout the day.

And finally, make this day your own! Catch up with friends, call your mum, take yourself off to the movies, put on some music in the lounge room and dance and sing and celebrate life. This is a day for joy and fun, respect and connection.

And be sure to share your Australian Women’s Day photos on social media using the #awd2018. We want to see your photos and celebrate with you.

See you over here throughout the day!