Support the day

Love the idea of Australian Women’s Day and want to know how you can support it?

Fantastic. We love you!

There are four ways you can really help support Australian Women’s Day at the moment:
(i) by spreading the word about the day,
(ii) by supporting the Australian Women’s Day Gofundme campaign,
(iii) by signing the petition to help reduce the incidence of domestic and family violence during the footie finals season and Spring Racing Carnival, and
(iv) by talking to us about sponsoring the day.

spread the word

Australian Women’s Day is in its infancy which means the best way to support us is to help us spread the word about the day. Share one of the posts from our facebook page on your own page. Tell people why the day matters to you.

And if social media isn’t your favourite place to spend time, email people, text or call them, chat with them in person, send a pigeon carrier. We don’t mind how you do it, just spread the word far and wide.

support the Gofundme campaign

To get this day off the ground we have a Gofundme campaign running at the moment. National holidays don’t come out of nowhere. Lots of people dedicate lots of their time (for free) to make it happen. And even when you can convince human beings to dedicate some of their nonexistent free time, to putting on a national day, you still incur expenses. Think of all the software and equipment, hosting services, legal fees, travel, advertising costs, production expenses, and myriad other elements that go into the creation of a national day.

Given that the co-founders of the day aren’t trust fund kids with unlimited financial resources at our disposal, we need your support. We’d love you to help us take a stand for the economic empowerment of women and find a way to pay people for their time and efforts.

sign the petition

In June 2018, the New South Wales Bureau of Crime Statistics revealed that on State of Origin game nights, domestic violence increases by 40.7% in NSW. Increases in family violence have also been documented during the AFL Grand Final, Melbourne Cup, and the World Cup.

In response to this startling statistic we’re calling on the football codes and the Victorian Racing Club to become involved in Australian Women’s Day. We’d love your help in encouraging them to play a much greater role in reducing domestic and family violence in Australia. We’re calling on them to really lead the way for men when it comes to celebrating and valuing Australian women.

Help us make Australian Women’s Day a day that’s about more than just celebration. Help make it a day that changes the game for women and girls of Australia. Read and sign the petition here.

Partner with us

Own a business that’s aligned to our values of inclusivity, diversity, community, and collaboration? Fantastic. We’d love to talk to you about partnership opportunities. Contact us here to find out more. Not a business owner or representative yourself but thinking of a person or a company that might be a good fit? Link us up! We’d love to chat with them.