Who we are

Australian Women’s Day is being co-founded by Nicole Rowan Holt, Samantha Nolan-Smith, and Sarah Fiess.

We all believe passionately in changing this world for ourselves and our children. (We have six young children between us from 13 years old to just born.)

Nicole’s background is in business and entrepreneurship. Samantha’s is in law, public policy, and entrepreneurship, and Sarah’s is in architecture (plus she’s currently completing her PhD in women’s wellness and is the mumma of the newborn!).

In founding the day we’ve received significant help from many amazing women, including Paula Tucker who helped us get all the foundational pieces together and who you’ll see in the video below.

But that’s not all. There’s a whole team of people; many, many women (and some men) who are committing their time, their resources, and their love to create this day. Find out more about our people right here.

Want to know more about our vision for the day? Check out the video below.