Australian Women’s Day is a celebration of the women and girls of Australia. We gather women together to create impactful social change.

We are gathering Australian best of the best women leaders (community and industry).  We created last year the first Australian Women’s Day – a National for all of us! 

It’s a day to share stories , to take a stand and to create a revo-LOVE-tion!

Last year with and incredible group of women we held our inaugural event in Melbourne, as well as featured events in 11 locations around Australia.
We streamed a broadcast of the day from our Facebook page including speakers and panellists from the Melbourne event, live crosses to the featured events and from our international expat community.
We collected signatures towards our petition to call out the footy codes and raise awareness of increased violence against women.

This year we are doing the same again and making our beta test bigger and better. We’re tracking our impact to make sure we are building year on year on our successes and creating recognition of the women and girls of Australia.
We are doing online and offline events all around Australia to gather women together for Australian Women’s Day.
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Did you know that domestic and family violence increases significantly (by up to 40%) when major sporting events, such as the AFL Grand Final, the Melbourne Cup, and the State of Origin are played?

Livingston, 2018

You can’t un-see these statistics. Domestic violence doesn’t discriminate, and neither do we. We want to create an environment of respect for women at a time of year that women are most vulnerable to assault. We all know the change in the world needs to come through the coming together of women, as we rise, so do out men and boys our communities, our children and our elders, and our communities. That is the foundation of Australian Women’s Day.

Join us in celebrating Australian women and girls on Sunday 22 September, 2019.

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Resources: “The Association between State of Origin and assaults in two Australian states” M Livingston, June 2018, LaTrobe University.